Trucking Partners has offered non-recourse factoring services for several years.  Non-recourse factoring is the purchase of accounts receivable (freight invoices) for cash. Trucking Partners pioneered the use of non-recourse factoring for small-medium sized motor carriers including many startup companies.


Non-Recourse Factoring Benefits


Cash Flow:

Trucking Partners purchases freight invoices providing motor carriers with immediate cash in return.  Non-recourse invoice factoring clients receive up to 100% of invoice amount (less factor/discount fee) on factored receivables within 24 hours (see process).  Since the non-recourse carrier/client isn’t at risk for credit-related issues, neither the client nor the factor needs to hold a cash reserve.  This maximizes cash flow for our carrier/clients.


Cash Flow Trucking


Credit Services:

Because non-recourse factoring companies assume the credit risk, they usually have a team of experts to evaluate credit and manage the accounts receivable.  As your non-recourse factoring company, Trucking Partners analyzes, manages, and guarantees credit on carrier/client customers.  And, we provide unlimited, free credit checks!

Protection from Bad Debt

A primary benefit of non-recourse factoring is that Trucking Partners will guarantee the credit of the factored invoice, even if your “credit-approved” customer goes bankrupt. This is a powerful tool that can greatly reduce bad debt exposure. (With recourse factoring, the carrier/client must have the ability to “buy back” the invoice if the customer is unable to pay.) 

Account Receivable Services

To deliver our non-recourse factoring services, Trucking Partners employs an experienced team of accounts receivable management professionals. Trucking Partners’ non-recourse factoring clients depend on us to provide full credit, invoice processing, and collection services.


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Posted by Dwayne Hood

Dwayne Hood is founder and president of Trucking Partners, LLC, a factoring & billing company. Prior to Trucking Partners, Dwayne owned and managed motor carriers involved in many different sectors of the trucking industry. Dwayne now enjoys working with small trucking companies to help them get started and grow.

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